About Emily

Emily has been working on and off as a geologist and alpine ski tech while making time to travel and create art for the last decade.   She currently divides her time between bases in Rochester, NY and Taos, New Mexico.

The Art

Creating has been a long time meditative practice branching from freehand ink mandalas as a child into further explorations of shape, color, and repetitious patterns navigating the world and gathered life experiences.  Emily is generally self taught, though draws much of her learning from workshops and artist residencies.

Using gouache, watercolor, and other drawing media, Emily incorporates repetition of basic graphic elements and color gradation into surreal or geometric landscapes and portrait-like images of plants and other circular forms.  

She is influenced by the elements of nature found in both travel and her work as a geologist.  Patterns and shapes found in the earth and in foreign landscapes seep into compositions along with jarring, saturated color schemes.