Excerpt from the Artist’s Statement featured at the Rochester Brainery, on display June thru August 2018.

Capturing arrangements of nature from the alignment of the sun throughout the day, to floral beauty as an allegory of interpersonal relationships with others and with ourselves.

We will always know the time and point in which the sun will be sitting in the sky, but we cannot predict how the sun may overwhelm us or cheer us at a given moment. We will not know what the clouds will bring nor do we know for sure when a flower will start to wilt, or a tree to rot.

Should we decide to take nature into our own hands and arrange for our own benefit, we must accept the risk of shifting arrangements beyond our control.  Choosing our friends and lovers as it is with picking flowers to enjoy at the table. The sun will set, a new day will come. What will tomorrow bring?

4 Seasons | 4 Elements

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