The Yards Collaborative Art Residency; January 2017

L to R: Nick LaTona, Sarah Peck, Emily Harper, Rose Richter, and Rachel Farley

In January 2017, I had the unique and extraordinary opportunity to experience a month long residency program at the Yards Collective (then known as the Yards Collaborative Art Space).  

Rose setting up her installation

Along with my four fellow residents, I embarked on a journey of artistic development and produced bodies of worked that embodied a common theme of repetition.  We spend a lot of time discussing our theme and how our work embraced the patterns of nature, humanity, and mark making.

Our residency showcase was titled Nuanced Repetition, and opened on January 28th, 2017.  It was a culmination of efforts and a beautiful celebration of friendship as the five of us created a special bond in our time together at the Yards.  

Rachel working on her installtion

Why was the residency such a wonderful learning experience?  Each artist was allotted a working space in the main gallery where our work would show at the end of the month.  We created in an open environment and encouraged each other as we worked on our projects.

The more practical things that came with the residency were weekly critiques where we discussed our progress in the directions and goals for the pieces we were creating.  We had weekly studio visits with well known local artists where they shared their processes, their work practice, and knowledge on what it takes to be a working professional artist.  

my work space and some artful clutter

For each week of the residency we hosted an open studio day where members of the public could come in and see what we were working on and meet us.  This time was invaluable because we were able to meet and greet with members of both the arts community and general public. We were able to gather some public exposure through  (@i.heart.roc), Roc Girl Gang (@rocgirlgang) and other media outlets.

It was a whirlwind experience and overall, an exceptional growth and networking opportunity. To this day I continue to have nurturing friendships with my coresidents and for any emerging artist out there in the Rochester area, I highly, highly recommend considering the biannual Yards Residency as a next step in developing your artistic endeavors.  

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Fellow residents:

Nick Latona:

Rachel Farley: @rachelannfarley

Sarah Peck: @silverlyn91 &

Rose Richter: @rrichterart

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